Fact ~ In search of truth

About Tandav

Conferring to the constitution of Nepal 2072, the country has got into the federal structure. The state’s Regulatory Body, ensuring that the right of the citizens have been safeguarded and taken by the responsible local level, the state level and the central level. As it is acknowledged that, vitally the Journalism Sector subsidizing the purpose of enlightening the common people through the right information, and to make the state bodies to be watchful with responsibilities towards common people’s interests.

Potentially, there is no doubt that Pokhara will not be the prior option as a capital of State 4. Considering State 4 as the main working region in conveying impartial information mushrooming Online Media Pokhara is operated and contributed its minimum in the past. According to the feeling of common public we found scanty deprivation of Journalism which can present a fact, truth infomative news, so here we are presenting the Tandav Online News among you. In addition, we are jubilant to inform you that in coming days our ‘Weekly Newspaper’ print shall publish which will fully cater you with the latest information.

With our slogan of ‘Facts, in search of Truth’, Tandav has been functioning with the strong willpower of delevering unbias and balanced news daring against any political party or communities’ selfishness. In recent perception, unlike past the need for an independent, dauntless, and trusworthy journalism is increasingly in its demand among general public. In order to establish the rights of right information among the people., Tandav Team is here committed to work untiringly for good. We shall continue as a give-and-take of a audacious speculations by means of expression of liberty and press freedom by embracing fundamental rights. Tandav eagerly, dauntlessly, sympathetically will publish search-oriented news to the society.

‘Tandav’ is a divinity dance of Lord Shiva and  Kali. This word has several meanings. It is inscribed in the holy-scriptures that the dance performed to resolve purity intervention and pacification of wrath. Similarly, Tandav will perform its dance through the pen to pacify the rage within the uncultured and evil part of the society.

News published from us will be— independent thoughts and dauntless journalism. As a symbol of peace and prosperity, the long voyage of ‘Tandav’ will now begin. We are optimistic and full of assurance that our readers, writers, advertisers and well-wishers will be helpful and get us informed to continue this journey. Your love, harmony, support, and scrutiny will help us to unceasingly continue the long exciting journey of  ‘Tandav’.

Thank you!
Arjun Giri